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Welcome to Denver Pops 

Welcome to Denver Pops!  We are locally based out of Denver, Colorado.   Our popsicles are made with mostly organic and locally sourced ingredients without any additives or artificial dyes.  With two daughters of our own, we understand the importance of wanting our girls to enjoy great food, with good quality ingredients, and love eating them with a smile on their face!  Denver Pops was started because we wanted to create a tasty treat that we would be happy and proud to give our girls and we wanted to share that joy with everybody!  We take pride in our product and with over 25 flavors, we are able to cater to all ages as well as anyone with any dietary restrictions.  So pop around our website to see where you can find us, or how we can make YOUR next party POP!

Hosting a party?! Need a sweet treat to compliment the event?! We are here to help! With our classic push cart and rainbow umbrella, we are a fun and unique addition to any event or party you're throwing. Click below to learn more on how we can become part of your next fun event!

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Would you like us to be in your store? We have personal freezers that hold our single serve pops that we can equip you with, or a 4 pack box for your aisle! Click below to pop over to our Wholesale page for more information.

Are you putting on a public event? Or do you know of one we should be at? We attend events of all sizes. With our assortment of mobile push carts, we are able to be in multiple places easily. We don't require any power or electricity, so we have a small footprint. Click below to contact us so we can be at your next public event!

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